A computer engineering careers essay

Short Essay on Computer Engineering Article shared by Computer engineering is a relatively new field of engineering and is one of the fastest growing fields today. The field of computer engineering combines the knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science to create advanced computer systems. Computer engineering involves the process of designing and manufacturing computer central processors, memory systems, central processing units, and of peripheral devices.

A computer engineering careers essay

Responsible for network installations, system backup, security and network enhancements. In their role, network administrators are responsible for administering corporate network services, coordinating network upgrades both software and hardwareanalyzing network performance and managing network security.

Overall occupation growth Best opportunities by industry Software Developer, Applications Familiar with a host of programming languages and frameworks, such as Microsoft. Overall occupation growth Best opportunities by industry Off the Mainframe: Emerging Careers Although computer engineering exists at the intersection of electrical engineering and computer science, its impact stretches well beyond those two areas.

It has become part of a larger interdisciplinary field, integrating with areas ranging from biology to medicine, environmental engineering to physics. Indeed, computer engineering is part of numerous emerging industries, industries that may not be apparent to the first-year computer engineering student.

Below is a list of five emerging industries creating new opportunities for computer engineers. Indeed, big data has become a commodity.

Through the process of writing this research paper, I have collected information about becoming a computer software engineer and a computer hardware engineer; after comparing and contrasting these two careers, I have decided that becoming a computer software engineer is the best career choice for my life/5(2). This engineering discipline is often divided between those who pursue careers on the aeronautical side and those working on space craft. Both air and space vehicles contain complex subsystems that require specialists from many engineering groups such as electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering. Academics. From lectures and lab research to our student-to-faculty ratio to class sizes averaging 17 students, Hendrix cultivates the skills, habits of mind, and qualities of individual character that the globally connected, innovation-driven 21st century economy requires that America and the world will need even more acutely in the years and decades ahead.

Harnessing and transforming data into useable, actionable insights has launched a computer science and engineering revolution, projected to create nearlynew jobs by Nanotechnology Nanotechnology crosses scientific borders, merging computer science with mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, biology and applied physics.

Nanotechnology explores new techniques to design and manufacture those electronic component and achieve those goals.

Developing and building the next generation of computing technologies that will lead to secure and sustainable data storage, communication and networking is a vital component of this growing field. Energy-Efficient Computing Computers use heat — lots of heat. The push for energy-efficient computing, where researchers are developing ways to reduce energy consumption in computation, could lead to smaller, lighter and faster computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Those in Green IT focus on designing, using and disposing of computing systems and their components networks, printers, monitors, etc.

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This current surge, as noted in a recent Geekwire article on the increasing demand for computer science educationis being driven by the desire for new technologies, particularly mobile devices. Hadi Partovi, co-founder of Code.

A review of hiring reports from Forbes, Indeed. Although figures specific to computer engineers are not available, some of the top employers in computer engineering include the following in alphabetical order: With the National Science Foundation reporting only 4.

Along with the emerging markets mentioned above, other major industries seeking to hire trained computer engineers include robotics, remote sensing, automobile manufacturing, aeronautics, healthcare, ecology and biology and — perhaps unsurprisingly — video gaming.

A computer engineering careers essay

However, employers seek those with a combination of technical and soft, employability skills — the skills that are necessary for the employee to apply technical knowledge effectively.

According to the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, some of the top soft skills for computer engineers include project management, critical thinking, time management and organization, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Secondary to employability skills, computer engineers should possess industry-specific technical skills for their area of practice whether network or hardware design. Major areas of knowledge include the following: Engineering Technologies Knowledge of engineering science and technology, including practical applications, theory, procedures and production design.

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Computers and Electronics Knowledge of computing systems, electronic equipment, processors, software, circuit boards and computer software. Mathematics Knowledge of various mathematical concepts geometry, statistics, algebra, etc.

Design Knowledge of the fundamentals of design techniques and production, including schematics, blueprints and technical plans. Production Knowledge of production processes, distribution, manufacturing, quality control and other major elements of the creation and distribution of products.

Mechanical Knowledge of tools and machinery, including their use and maintenance. Networking Knowledge of the foundations of networking and networking technologies e. Cisco, Juniper, Microsoftnetworking functions, protocols and standards.

Computer Programming Knowledge of various programming languages and frameworks, such as Python. Computing Theory Knowledge of software and computer architecture, as well as operating systems concepts. Management Knowledge of project planning, management and organization, as well as risk and cost assessment.

Product Development Knowledge of testing techniques, process control, user documentation and product packaging.Computer engineering is the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of computer controlled equipment for the benefit of humankind.

They also write and debug software and hardware, prevent problems, and coordinate the construction and future growth of a company's computer systems/5(11). Acquire Your Degree without Debt.

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Engineering students seek financial aid from conventional sources like stalwart federal programs: Pell Grants and Direct Student Loans, but additional financial assistance is often required to meet the costs of higher education. State-specific financial aid helps bridge the affordability gap for college students across the country; including engineering majors.

Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers. Employment of computer hardware engineers is projected to grow 5 percent from to , about as fast as the average for all Work experience in related occupation: None.

Careers/Higher Education. Tomorrow's Professor Preparing For Academic Careers in Science and Engineering "This (book) should be a major hit.

Short Essay on Computer Engineering

There is no competition, there is a crying need, the book is interesting, well written, and comprehensive.". Computer engineering is the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of computer controlled equipment for the benefit of humankind.

A computer engineering careers essay

They also write and debug software and hardware, prevent problems, and coordinate the construction and future growth of a company's computer systems/5(11).

Computer engineering is a driving force behind innovation and technologies that are changing the world, pushing computing power and capabilities to the edge.

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