A discussion on feeling sorrow

Perhaps a loved one has died No matter how deep your pain, God can help you find comfort and hope.

A discussion on feeling sorrow

I have never been in a relationship. Most of my girl friends are now in long-term relationships from college or high school or work and their lives are so different from mine. Everything is wrapped up with their SO. Vacations, date nights, big life decisions.

And I feel behind and broken. I started dating after college when I had more free time and these last six years have been a brutal struggle.

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I meet someone on a dating app, it goes ok for a few weeks and then the guy disappears or friendzones me. I am a very ambitious girl getting an MBA at an elite school top 5 in US and have worked really hard all my life and just want someone to be my equal and share life with me, but it feels impossible and i am worried that maybe I missed out on key dating experiences in high school and college and should have put myself out there before.

My friends male and female say I am a catch, fun, low-maintenance, and generous but after 6 years of dating on apps and also trying in real life I cannot find a compatible man who wants a serious relationship with me.

I know successful women who are in committed relationships with similarly situated men. I do not know how to break this cycle of sadness and feeling unfulfilled even though i have achieved every professional goal I have set out for I want to enter a serious relationship, get married, and start a family, but I am afraid that my 30s will be here soon and the clock will tick against me.

I did recently start seeing a therapist who is also a woman of color like me, and that has helped in understanding what my unique troubles in dating are. How do I know if it is my fault that I am single - if there is something in my personality or my attitude or behavior that explains why compatible men are not interested in committing to me?

Or am i just a victim of the current dating environment? Are there books I could read? Is there something I should be doing to improve myself?

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Do I have blind spots?These losses cause us to sorrow and to grieve, deeply affecting our emotions. Grief is a feeling of deep mental anguish caused by loss.

It can be the loss of a loved one, loss of possessions, loss of a career, or some other life-changing loss.

A discussion on feeling sorrow

sympathy is feeling compassion, sorrow, or pity for the hardships that another person encounters empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of another, which . If the misery of others leaves you indifferent and with no feeling of sorrow, then you cannot be called a human being.

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Do non human animals feel sorrow toward dead members of their own species.

A discussion on feeling sorrow

Like if a duck saw another dead duck, would it feel an emotion simular. Anger is known to lead to greater risk-seeking behavior. It gives people a sense of certainty and control.

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An angry person might make an impulsive purchase with their money, while a person who is feeling scared might be more cautious and save it. Aug 17,  · The sorrow she felt was the pain from the cat's death. If you wrote "she felt sorry for the loss of her cat" then you are saying that she was somehow blaming herself for the death of her cat.

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