A reflection on an online interview with a mechanical engineer

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A reflection on an online interview with a mechanical engineer

Engineering Mechanics 1 Knowledge of mechanics is a fundamental tool for a mechanical engineer. This introductory class aims to investigate classical mechanics - force, motion, energy, work and momentum — from a conceptual viewpoint to understand how these are connected and how they can be applied, through formal problem solving, to real-world engineering.

Electrical Circuits Mechanical systems rely upon electrical and electronic circuits for many reasons: This course covers how external data is acquired, conditioned and used and will equip students with an understanding of the basic theories underlying electronics.

This class introduces the basic concepts and applications of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, as a foundation for further studies. Mechanical Engineering Design The aim of this class is to place the essential elements of design at the heart of courses for mechanical engineering students.

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It shows how the disparate elements of engineering science may be brought together and used to create a safe, durable and cost-effective solution to a perceived engineering need.

This course continues in later years. This includes elements of laboratory and workshop safety including risk assessment.

This module aims to teach the basic principles of programming and the solution of mathematical problems with numerical techniques in an engineering context. Specifically students will be introduced to the engineering numerical simulation software MATLAB, which is widely used in industry and research.

This topic continues into the second year of the course.

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Elective classes During the first year of the course students take at least 20 credits out of a total of credits of elective classes from topics in modern languages, engineering, science, business, bioengineering and others depending on timetable availability.

It covers the history of flight, basic aerodynamics lift, drag, thrust and bluff bodiesflight instruments and the fundamentals of spaceflight history of rocket development, rocket engines, multi-staging and escape velocity Engineering Mechanics 2 The second year of engineering mechanics aims to develop the skills to analyse more advanced dynamics problems associated with solid bodies and simple mechanisms and introductory knowledge in new topics of structural analysis and basic stress analysis: Professional Studies The aim of this class is to create awareness of, and develop some of the skills, expected in graduate professional engineers.

These include development of communication skills, self-awareness and group working skills, professional conduct, ethics and the legal aspects of professional responsibility, engineering ethics and societal and contemporary issues.

This class develops the theory underlying simple electrical circuit analysis, transformers and electrical motors, and seeks to develop an understanding of their application through example and laboratory work. The taught part of the class is reinforced by experimental investigation, flight experience and flight test.

The class also introduces the mathematical modelling tools you will require in the third-year aero design class. The calculation of the performance of aircraft is studied: The behaviour of fluids is an important aspect in the performance of engineering systems: Thermodynamics is the science that is devoted to understanding energy in all its forms and how energy changes form; the aim of is to supply the necessary analytical tools to study these changes when applied in engineering situations, in particular for transportation and power production.

A wide range of engineering topics is presented and includes problems in structures, dynamics, fluids and heat transfer to emphasise the general applicability of the solution processes with practical application using Mathcad.Job ID BR Job Posting Title Mechanical Engineer Job Description As a global semiconductor company operating in 35 countries, Texas Instruments (TI) is first and foremost a reflection of its people.

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Reflection about job interview (yahya) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search. Husco is a privately-owned company specializing in high performance hydraulic and electro-mechanical components.

A reflection on an online interview with a mechanical engineer

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View Luke Magyar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. His ability to adapt to different sectors is a reflection of his background in systems engineering and an eagerness to learn, contribute and innovate. Experience. Junior Systems Engineer (Mechanical & Materials)Title: Junior Systems Engineer at .

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