Am a filipino a proud one essay

The 18th-century national monument is seen in a new light through video mapping technology.

Am a filipino a proud one essay

This was the essay I submitted to the Ateneo de Manila University, a requirement for admission. Fiction K - English - Words: A person is one with a distinct personality or possesses a sense of individuality.

Often we take these two words to mean the same thing: Both their definitions tell us of what a human being is, but neither tells us what exactly allows man to transcend onto humanity. What makes a person human? Could it be the ability to think, or feel? Is it the ability to show emotions, perhaps?

I believe that it is a combination of all the qualities of man combined with goodness, which is supposedly innate, that makes one truly human. We experience countless things everyday, and continue to do so since birth.

Linked with all these experiences are our emotions - joy, sorrow, remorse, guilt, are all manifested every time we do something.

Am a filipino a proud one essay

But when we empathize with others, when we are compassionate, it is one of those instances when we become human. It is said that, "to err is human, while to love is divine.

All the things that have ever happened to us are classified as experiences. Though these experiences are countless, there are quite a few significant ones. These are the experiences where we learn lessons and gain valuable insights from.

Usually, such experiences are either prodigious or tragic. For example, the loss of a loved one teaches us to treasure persons we care about, while a victory strengthens our resolve. The lessons, insights, and knowledge that we gain all help us as we journey through life.

A person becomes wiser, and, faced with the harsh realities of life, comes to know what to expect, what really matters, and what doesn't. What then really matters in life? We usually base the quality of our lives on the accomplishments or achievements that we have made in the fields of academics, finance, or business.

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The phrase "leading a good life" connotes easy living, having more than enough to get by. The richest person is looked up to, envied, and admired by many. The Licensure examinations' topnotchers are admired for their intelligence. These are what we usually mean by "achievements".

But is that all there is to it? Not so, because I believe an achievement to be a victory in any aspect, whether moral, or spiritual, academic, financial, or entrepreneurial which must possess humane kindness and honesty. I consider the achievements in the aspects of abstract truths such as morality and spirituality far more important than others.

To be able to touch and improve the lives of others through dedicated and honest service is the crowning glory of any accomplishment.

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To have helped another person find the intrinsic value of himself and in turn, of other people is a greater victory than being number one. Yes, we all strive to do the best we can, but oftentimes, we forget that the mind and the body are not the only components of a human being.

There is a third and far more important component, and that is the soul. Of what worth is intelligence, or a well-developed body, without conscience and morality? The psyche binds the body and the mind. Like the Athenians of the past, we must concern ourselves with our holistic development, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.World which happen to be a filipino.

I am a proud filipino working also in overseas we filipino always respect our job what ever it is as long it is repectable. Photo essay Filipino MADRID Maria Brink. MADRID FUSION: Behind-the-Scenes of the Proud Filipino Moments @MadridFusión!

Proud to be Filipino - Text printed on Infant Baby One. Proud to Be a Filipino Essay. B. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample.

cuisine, and transportation. All of us Filipinos should be proud of them. There are a lot of tourist spots in the Philippines that we can be proud of.

Our colourful and lively Philippine culture that makes us distinctly Filipino is the one thing that makes us. Aug 17,  · I am definitely proud to be Pinoy and will never be ashamed to say that I am one and I'm definitely planning to wear that yellow shirt wherever I go (especially abroad!).

And, if ever, I ran into someone like her I'm just going to stare back and raise my brow. A one-page structured-survey questionnaire was used peculiarly in bring forthing feedback from foreign tourers on their consciousness and perceptual experience of the new touristry publicity tagline “It’s more merriment in the Philippines.

Apr 08,  · Janet Hello to all dedicated bloggers around the world. Welcome to my blog! My name is Janet from Philippines. Im 28 years old. I have 2 little angel . His famous speech was "I am a Filipino". - that quite sums up what he did for our country, he makes us proud to be Filipinos.

also, when the logo for the united Nations was being finalized, he.