An analysis of the true author behind shakespearean literature

This lack of documentation is taken by many anti-Stratfordians as evidence that Shakespeare had little or no education.

An analysis of the true author behind shakespearean literature

More than any other author in English, Shakespeare has been able to bring to life individuals who have the mark of reality about them. Throughout the dramas, Shakespeare tries to avoid the use of type characters, working instead to individualize his creations through patterns of speech and thought.

His great contemporary, Ben Jonson, prided himself on his ability to capture the essence of types in his dramas. Shakespeare, on the other hand, strives always to achieve distinction among his kings, fools, lovers, and villains.

Like most of his contemporaries, Shakespeare makes extensive use of both literary and historical sources for his dramas.

Almost nothing in the Shakespeare canon is wholly original. Some of the earliest works are highly derivative; The Comedy of Errors pr.

An analysis of the true author behind shakespearean literature

As important to him as the historical records on which he drew were the writings of both ancient and contemporary philosophers, whose ideas Shakespeare incorporates into his dramas.

His writings are filled with allusions to various ancient authors, as well as to works by his contemporaries. He seems to have been especially influenced by the new movement in Humanism, exemplified best by the works of the French essayist Michel de Montaigne.

Like many of his contemporaries, he wrote much of his work in blank verse, the unrhymed iambic pentameter lines first used in English by Chaucer almost two hundred years earlier.

Many of the speeches he created for his characters have been taken out of context and recited as philosophical or patriotic dicta: Because the Elizabethan stage was usually a bare platform with little scenery and few props, Shakespeare often uses language to paint the scene for his audience.

Direct references spoken by the characters make it clear to the audience, in the theater or at home with their texts, where a scene is taking place: More than any other dramatist, Shakespeare makes extensive use of metaphor to drive home a point.

In Othello, the Moor of Venice pr. Through the use of such language, Shakespeare makes his audience aware of the state of both individual and political affairs, drawing them into the action and allowing them to see the consequences of human acts.- Analysis of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra The most influential writer in all of English literature, William Shakespeare was born in to a successful middle-class glove maker in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Sonnet , then, seems a meditative attempt to define love, independent of reciprocity, fidelity, and eternal beauty: "Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks / Within his bending sickle's compass come." After all his uncertainties and apologies, Sonnet leaves little doubt that the poet is .

The New Oxford Shakespeare, for which Taylor serves as lead general editor, is the first edition of the plays to credit Christopher Marlowe as a co-author of Shakespeare’s “Henry VI,” Parts. Become a Reader Member to unlock in-line analysis of character development, literary devices, themes, and more!

Owl Eyes is an improved reading and annotating experience for . Shakespeare's Sonnets The Sonnets are Shakespeare's most popular works, and a few of them, such as Sonnet 18 (Shall I compare thee to a summer's day), Sonnet (Let me not to the marriage of true minds), and Sonnet 73 (That time of year thou mayst in me behold), have become the most widely-read poems in all of English literature.

An analysis of the true author behind shakespearean literature

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