Aristotle poetic essay

You can help by adding to it. August In the Enlightenment period s to sliterary criticism became more popular. During this time period literacy rates started to rise in the public, no longer was reading exclusive for the wealthy or scholarly. With the rise of the literate public and swiftness of printing, criticism arose too.

Aristotle poetic essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Melani, Usually the writer would present the emotions of pity and fear within tragedy which interprets catharsis.

In order for the tragic hero to arouse these feelings in the audience, he cannot be either all good or all evil but must be someone the audience can identify with; however, if he is superior, the tragic pleasure is intensified.

His disastrous end results from a mistaken action, which in turn arises from a tragic flaw or from a tragic error in judgment. An example of this is evident within the tragedy Oedipus Rex. Melani, Catharsis Aristotle argues that the best tragedies and some of the best plays, since Aristotle considers tragedy to be the highest dramatic form, when the use of reversal and recognition to achieve catharsis is present during a tragedy or a play, he finds that with this aspect in perspective they are the best.

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An example of this is highlighted in the play Oedipus Rex, a hero who undergoes such a reversal and thus has cathartic self-recognition.

He sees that redemption is not the only result of catharsis; the audience also undergoes a catharsis in a good drama.

Mimises Aristotle believes that there are two main aspects to think of art: Aristotle imagines that poetry springs from a basic human delight in mimicry. Humans learn through imitating and are fascinated by looking at imitations of the perceived world.

The mimetic dimension of the poetic arts is, always representational. This was known as mimesis.

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Aristotle believes that tragedy, can entertain its written form, but also can translate onstage into a drama of spectacle and music.Aristotle then begins to examine what he believes are the overall causes of poetry.

Aristotle states that mimesis is innate in people, when we are born we mimic things and we learn through this mimicry. Plato and Aristotle are succeeded by a number of Roman literary critics. There are some who expand upon Plato’s and Aristotle’s thought, such as Plotinus.

Aristotle poetic essay

There are others who strive to study other aspects of literature, such as Horace and Longinus, whose works concern aspects of literature not yet described by Plato and Aristotle.

Aristotle Politics Aristotle in his book politics, argues that the political association is the highest form of human association, and making all his conclusions based on the assumption that ‘polis’ is the best and only sensible political system.

Aristotle poetic essay

From that point on, Aristotle's views on the poetic art gained and lost influencein various periods, but gradually became a significant force in the criticism of poetry, drama, and literature. 1 Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy poems, Aristotle saw this as one of Homer’s Tragedy in the Poetics Tragedy is the greatest virtues; while Plato thought tragedy principal subject of Aristotle’s Poetics and its has a harmful effect on the soul in that it feeds most discussed topic.

Aa student of Plato, Aristotle believed that “happiness depends on ourselves.” (Russell) According to Aristotle happiness is the central purpose of life and is the goal all man attempts to reach. Furthermore, Aristotle believed the highest good of human’s life is happiness and is achieved by living a life of virtue.

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