Bbc business report video piracy

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Bbc business report video piracy

Music is one of the worst hit sectors of the Indian entertainment industry, with 64 per cent of the market estimated to be pirated, according to a new study released by the US India Business Council USIBC.

The study indicates that marked a shift in the way music was consumed in India. The dominant revenue streams now are non physical ones - mobile downloads, radio and internet. The key business drivers of piracy in the music business are - demand for quick access to music, need for variety and a lack of differential pricing mechanisms.

bbc business report video piracy

While MP3 format supporting players have been available in the Indian market sincethe Indian music companies have only now started adopting MP3 as an alternate standard format for their music, the report notes.

This has been further fuelled by the dominance of unorganised retail players across the country, as over 80 per cent of Indian retail is still dominated by unorganised players.

The loss on account of PPR cannot be estimated due to - lack of data available on the number and nature of outlets across the country, and the lack of any pricing mechanism defined by the industry for the same, the study notes. Internet piracy - There are many peer to peer networks and websites that allow illegal download of music.

These services are either free or earn revenues through advertising or subscription for their premium services.

bbc business report video piracy

Users are increasingly relying on P2P networks over individual websites - with Lime Wire and Bit-Torrent emerging as two of the most popular networks, the study says. Optical disc piracy - The optical disc business, a low margin one, thrives on volumes and is driven by new regional film music piracy, the study says.

This is further dominated by Hindi films which have a share of 60 per cent of the total music piracy business. These discs are being distributed using the same distribution networks as the legitimate content discs.

The music industry has also seen a shift of the distributors to the video business, the study notes. The study suggests that structuring and executing a large scale pro active action plan to fight piracy and help member companies maximise revenues from emerging revenue streams would help the industry.

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Overall, the study - The effects of counterfeiting and piracy on India's entertainment industry', shows a loss of Rs billion each year due to piracy. As many asdirect jobs are also lost as a result of theft and piracy, afflicting India's entertainment industry, it says.The latest business and finance news from around the world, on the BBC.

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Part of the problem is that, currently, piracy is so pervasive that there is no such thing as a “piracy free zone” that researchers can use for a control group. 12 For example, one study surveyed 1, people in the Netherlands and concluded that those who pirated .

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