Benefits of a lifetime appointment to eh supreme court

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Benefits of a lifetime appointment to eh supreme court

Justice David Stras Is our system of politics and government melting down? Most days, I lean closer to believing that the answer is yes: In fact, it comes courtesy of what is usually IMHO the best-run state or one of the best-run in the union: But before going over the background of the Stras nomination and the current state of play, let me just get one main point off my chest: Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

You may recall that the Republican leadership of the Senate, claiming a bogus historical precedent that did not exist, refused to even hold a hearing on the Garland nomination. Al Franken who, despite not being a lawyer, serves on the Judiciary Committee took the Garland matter hard.

The Republicans managed to run out the clock on Garland, and their presidential nominee won the election.

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That new president, Trump, nominated the smart, competent, very conservative Neil Gorsuch to fill the seat for which Garland had been nominated. When Franken got to question Gorsuch in committee hearings, he tried but failed to get him to comment on whether Garland had been treated fairly.

Gorsuch was endorsed by the Judiciary Committee on a straight party-line vote, and then the Senate voted on strict party lines to do away with the filibuster that Democrats would otherwise have used to block his confirmation.

He was confirmed with an almost entirely party-line vote and will serve for life. The much larger event of the Garland nomination or non-event, since holding a confirmation hearing on Garland would have been an event created the vital context for the Stras matter, and anyone who tries to discuss the Stras matter without including a discussion of the Garland matter is not being straight.

That lack of straightness has infected a lot of people: Erik Paulsen, a loyal Republican, wasted an entire Star Tribune commentary attacking his Senate colleagues for holding up the Stras nomination without mentioning the Garland case.

If you are going to denounce how Franken and Klobuchar are blocking Stras without bringing up the Garland case, you are either clueless or intellectually dishonest.


Justice Stras is smart, likable and competent as is Garland. Stras is also very conservative.

Benefits of a lifetime appointment to eh supreme court

For most of Supreme Court history the nomination of a smart, likable, competent, honest candidate for the federal court would result in confirmation. Both are among the most conservative Supremes in modern history. The words on the Constitutional parchment have changed little, but its power to bind us seems weaker than ever.

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Supreme Court Appointments And Lame Duck Presidents: Yes, Both Sides Do It

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