Cathlocism versus protestanism essay

Catholics Catholics and Protestants were in a constant power struggle to gain and maintain religious dominance in late 16th century France. Religious power was something that the Catholics had always had and they were willing to do anything to keep it that way.

Cathlocism versus protestanism essay

Expert research paper help Catholicism vs. Christianity The concepts of Catholicism and Christianity generate heated debates among theologians and religious leaders. Christianity refers to a religion founded on the miracles and teachings of Jesus. Catholicism is a denomination, a subset of Christianity.

However, Christianity is not Catholicism. This should mark the beginning of the argument. While the distinction appears very clear, fundamental questions arise whether Catholicism subscribes to the doctrines of Christianity. It is clear that Catholicism is not Christianity.

Christianity is a wide concept covering all the followers of Christ. The many controversies arising on Catholicism and Christianity concern the doctrines of Christianity and the Catholicism.

Many denominations that form Christianity believe in salvation by faith alone. On the other hand, the Catholics believe in salvation, practical work and the sanctifying grace of the sacrament.

Moreover, other Christians confess their sins directly to God through prayer. On the other hand, the Catholics confess their sins through their ordained priests and seek the intervention of Mary, the mother of Jesus. This has been a serious cause of the controversy between the said Christianity and Catholicism.

Many denominations making up Christianity pray for themselves and one another. On the contrary, the Catholicism teaches about the Communion of Saints. Critics use this practice to paint Catholics as worshiping the saints or Mary.

The point is that Biblical teachings do not allow Christians to worship idols or any other being apart from God. The Catholics argue that they only seek their intervention and use them as a bridge with their creator.

Having looked at the differences and controversies surrounding Catholicism and Christianity, it is prudent to look at the shared values, the similarities between the two. They both believe in the existence of one God, who is three-in-one: They agree that Jesus is God the son who came to earth in human flesh.

Cathlocism versus protestanism essay

They also believe strongly in the idea of life after death and the ultimate punishment of the wrongdoers.Renaissance vs Reformation essays It is clear and evident that during the Renaissance and the Reformation period, many changes and modification were made in the area of religion.

The Catholic religion was fairly unstable and as a result new religious . Search Results for 'hinduism vs catholicism' Marriage In The Eyes Of Hinduism And Christianity of vows and the underlying meaning of the symbol of marriage, one can argue that the theology of Hinduism and Catholicism are revealed.

In the standard Protestant (particularly Anglo-American) narrative of world history — as found for instance in the works of Hugh Trevor-Roper, David S. Landes or Niall Ferguson — the Counter-Reformation was the reason Catholic Europe lagged behind Protestant Europe in .

This essay compares the beliefs of Roman Catholicism with the conservative wing of Protestantism. In the 16th century, during the Protestant Reformation, many faith groups split away from the Roman Catholic Church.

Cathlocism Versus Protestanism Essay. Cathlocism Versus Protestanism Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Better Essays. Open Document. Essay Preview. Catholicism and Protestantism are both one of the largest sects today.

These sects continue to grow in population. They date back to hundreds of years. Also see Making Shipwreck of the Faith -- Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together. by Kevin Reed and the sources in Protestants and Catholics - more information. I highly recommend the booklet The Facts on Roman Catholicism, available from ATRI.

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