Comm 222 outline

The curriculum consists of support courses from related disciplines and nursing courses which include seminar, lecture, and clinical study. Clinical experiences are offered in local hospitals, long term care facilities, home health care agencies, physician offices, and clinics.

Comm 222 outline

To improve your ability to listen to the verbal and nonverbal messages of others. To learn to cope with fear.

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To learn to take risks, make mistakes and learn from your experiences. To develop Comm 222 outline self-confidence and self-respect.

The major functions of mass communication are: 1. Surveillance. 2. Interpretation. 3. Transmission of values. 4. Lineage. 5. Entertainment. The functions served by mass communication are very similar to those fulfilled by others types of communications. The way mass communication performs these function is discussed here. Comm Script Font See preview comm script font and download this cool font for free. The font is classified as italic fonts. This font viewed times and downloaded times. View Notes - comm course outline for summer 13_section CB from COMM at Concordia University. John Molson School of Business Department of Management Comm Organizational Behaviour and%(2).

To practice and become familiar with the research and invention skills necessary to discover and analyze audiences, occasions,topics and evidence. To practice and become familiar with the organizational skills necessary to develop and support a variety of coherent speeches and presentations.

To practice and become familiar with language skills appropriate to oral style, including clarity,precision, brevity, vividness,and appropriate stylistic devices.

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To practice and become familiar with the elements of delivery necessary to give powerful and effective speeches and presentations. To develop a greater understanding of your own integrity and ethics, and to learn how to communicate better because of the commitment you make to your integrity and ethics.

Additionally, the goal of the course is to help you to achieve the following course outcomes: Discover, access, analyze, and utilize appropriate statistics, examples,and testimony necessary to develop an effective speech.

Utilize organizational patterns appropriate to speech-type and purpose.

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Formulate and express language designed to clarify the speech and to interest the audience. Demonstrate control of communication apprehension and effective use of nonverbal elements in delivery through voice and body.

Comm 222 outline

Develop the ability to appraise, critique, and support speakers and speeches. Orange Coast College has one of the best speech teams in the nation.

Comm 222 outline

The speech team will probably do at least one or two "showcase" performances during the semester that will allow you to gain extra credit points or to make up an absence if you can't attend one of my other classes.

Dates will be announced in class. Academy awards of informative speaking assignment 2 will be voted on by students and extra credit points will be awarded to nominees and winners.

On some assignments, extra credit points will be awarded for exceptionally creative choices and execution of elements of a given assignment. These bonuses will be announced and explained in class. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have done work consistently surpassing the minimum requirements.

You have demonstrated unique insights and original thought. You have been a superior role model. The class learned something valuable from you.

You are able to recall, discuss, and apply information from any area of the course. The "A" student will not miss more than 3 hours of class time.Code, 20 Cal. L. Revision Comm'n Reports (), included a Law Revision Commission Comment to each section of the new code as recommended by the Commission.

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