Girls high school kandy sports meet 2013

Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu was followed by his son Jayaweera Astana — and then by Karaliyadde Bandara — who was succeeded by his daughter Dona Catherina of Kandy —

Girls high school kandy sports meet 2013

Follow on, Follow on, Follow on, Follow on!! The Western bands of St. This was the first time that the school had organised an indoor Band Fiesta and they hope to hold it every year. Band leader Ajanee Ranasinghe, 18, said she had been the band leader for one and a half years.

She said the Tilani Udari Shalini goal behind this function is to develop friendship between school bands and to give the public a taste of brass band music. A special item includes the song Ru Rasay Andina Lesay where our Kandyan dance troupe would join us on stage.

Tilani Subasinghe, 19, says the fiesta would provide a good opportunity for all participating schools to recognise better means in improving their music.

I play the jazz drum Prabuddhi in our band. We stopped practises for a brief period because of our examinations and started again from January.


Our practice sessions were held after school and during weekends. Sureni handled the drum role of some parts of a song all by herself while the other side drummers accompanied her with a stick drill. Nimalshi Fernando, 16, handles the clarinet of the western band.

This would aid them in their socialising process, she pointed out. My father plays the drum and my grandmother can play the organ.

Girls high school kandy sports meet 2013

My brother is also interested in music. I have taken part in school dramas and I can deliver speeches. I will give the vote of thanks at this event. Though she is a member of the Western band, Manthika does Eastern music as a subject.

Nimalshi Manthika Though Mangalika Fonseka, the teacher in charge, and Jinali Gunasekara and Rukshani Karunadasa, the supporting teachers, had been very supportive, they had always encouraged the girls to handle their duties by themselves.

Prabuddhi Edirisinghe, 18, who handles the trombone and likes to play piano music as well was also looking forward to the event. Udari Wickramasinghe, 18, believes that taking part in the annual Prashasthi indoor band fiesta organised by Ananda College, Colombo, had helped the girls to improve their abilities.

She pointed out that opportunities to display teen talent are as beneficial as taking part in competitions. She has a passion to play the piano and the organ too.Contact Address of Girls' High School,Kandy, Sri Lanka Peradeniya Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka Contact Telephone Numbers of Girls' High School,Kandy, Sri Lanka Contact Fax Numbers of Girls' High School,Kandy, Sri Lanka Contact E-Mail Address of Girls' High School,Kandy, Sri Lanka .

Pushpadana Girls' College Kandy was founded on the 2nd of July as an Institution of Learning for the Buddhist Girls in the hill country by "Sri Pushpadana Samithiya" and was first housed down Trincomalee Street, Kandy. This is the official website of the old girls association of the Girls' High School, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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Bishop's College is a private fee-levying Anglican girls' school in Sri Lanka with about 2, students at all grades from kindergarten to Grade It is located at 15 Boyd Place, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. Jan 24,  · Chanaka's Video Kandy Girls' High School ~ The Blend of Talents official Facebook group celebrates the joy of 10,+ members!

The group KGHS ~ The Blend of . The Annual Reunion of the Girls' High School Kandy Batch of was held on 12th of December from 7pm onwards at Queens Hotel, Kandy.

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