How steinbeck creates sympathy for candy

June 9, at Aswell, earlier on in the book George tells everyone that no one should pick a fight with Lennie as he is extremely strong. This makes it more dramatic because when he changes his mind the whole fight gets switched round.

How steinbeck creates sympathy for candy

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How does Steinbeck create sympathy for Lennie

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Accommodation home and forums What methods does Steinbeck use in this passage to present Candy? I would really appreciate any feeback and I apologise for the length!
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Study Guide!! Why does Steinbeck try to create sympathy for Lennie? Is he successful? Read the following passage found on page After George, Lennie, and Candy make a pact not to tell anyone about their dream, Candy makes the following statement: “I ought to of shot that dog myself, George.

I shouldn’t.

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OF MICE AND MEN – CROOKS CONTEXT He creates a character the audience want to believe in and have some sympathy for. Curley’s wife and Candy – builds up a picture of hope, and then destroys it. This pattern is followed on a much larger scale in the novel as a.

Oct 18,  · Best Answer: I haven't yet done this, but I'm going to hazard a guess.


I think because of how he's very childlike and innocent. It's the same way as how you would sympathize with a small child.

Take for example, his fixation with the rabbits, how he would ask George to tell him the story of their dream just like a child Resolved.

How steinbeck creates sympathy for candy

Jan 24,  · Best Answer: Er, the word is "sympathy," unless you mean to ask how Steinbeck creates a four-part orchestral work for Lennie. Which would actually be pretty cool. Anyway.

Lennie is portrayed as this childlike man (and he is, indeed, mentally challenged) who really only wants to please (that, and to own rabbits.)Status: Resolved.

Transcript of How does Steinbeck show sympathy for characters in Of Mice a. Task: List 3 reasons why you feel sympathy towards Candy List 3 reasons why you feel sympathy towards Crooks Starter Crooks-Crooks is black-Crooks is disabled-Crooks is isolated-Crooks is .

How steinbeck creates sympathy for candy

DiscussionQuestions,(ChapterThree(–(Of(Mice(andMen 1. Throughoutthenoveltothispoint,Steinbeckhasusedseveraloccasionsto comment*on*the*relationship*between*George.

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