How to start writing an anonymous blog free

Here is an email we received after someone read our guide on how to make money online blogging for beginners.

How to start writing an anonymous blog free

I am a domestic violence survivor, as well as other issues. I know I am a great writer. However, I am hiding from my ex husband and ex in-laws so it can not include my name for safety reasons. Sincerely, Below, you will find my answer to her dilemma.

Make sure you have domain name privacy. Did you know that anyone can look up who owns a particular domain name in less than a minute? All you do is visit Whois.

how to start writing an anonymous blog free

In many cases, you will find out who owns the domain and website if there is one up. If the owner has kept their info private, you will not find anything. Do you see how easy this is? If you have not set up your blog yet, you can do this with my blog set up. Just click the link that goes to the Bluehost landing page it should say Build Your Own Blog on their page.

Make sure that box is checked and your domain registration will be protected. Otherwise, a quick search will reveal your name and address. Of course, you will want to call yourself something else…you could choose a pen name, like Tito Marinovich.

Or you may want to make it even more mysterious by using a name like Blog Tyrant.

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Just remember that you will be tied to the name forever, so choose carefully. Then you will want to be super careful not to slip and mention something revealing in a blog post, your About Page, or anywhere including social media. Be extra careful there. I would say in many cases the audience will be understanding with your decision.

For example, nobody would expect a domestic abuse survivor to reveal too much, especially if they are still in danger. Another thing to keep in mind is your usage of photos.

To stay anonymous, your best strategy is to not use any personal photos. If you do, make sure your Privacy is On in your Location Services so that your photos will not include the location that people can see to discover where you are.

Buy the Password Protected Categories plugin. This will save a zip file to your computer. Login to your WordPress dashboard as above. In the left sidebar, scroll down to Plugins, then drop down to Add New. Copy the license key from your confirmation email and paste it into the license key box on this page.

Go through the other settings and customize the wording that will appear on the login page when someone tries to access your private blog. To create a completely hidden and private WordPress blog, leave this box unticked.

If you want multiple categories in your private WordPress blog, add them now. This means that your blog users can enter a single password to unlock the main blog category and all its sub-categories and posts. You might want to add a link tov your private blog somewhere on your website, for example to your navigation menu.

To do this, simply add a link to the main blog category that you created in Step Six. When someone clicks on this link, they will see a login page.Feb 26,  · When you want write about things that might land you in trouble, be it with law enforcement or other people, you should think about creating an anonymous blog.

The Freedom To Be Your True Self: When blogging anonymously, you have little or nothing to worry about/5(64). They know that the things that they write about at 13 won’t relate to who they are at 30, so they create an online identity that can be switched off if necessary.

Tips for Writing an Anonymous Blog . Use an anonymous email account to register your blog. Hushmail is one free service that provides encrypted accounts; RiseUp is aimed at activists; MintEmail gives you a 3 hour temporary email address and FilzMail gives you one that expires after 24 hours.

Anonymous blogging is not a free pass to be an asshole. Aside from the possibility that you’ll eventually be found out (see above), you are what you blog.

Nice, nasty, or in between the people you attract are going to reflect what you write. How to Blog Anonymously. then it might be worth hiding under that paper bag and going anonymous.

If you do choose anonymity, remember that even very secretive bloggers have been outed: Do use a free email service like Hushmail that provides encrypted email accounts.

How to start your anonymous blog Your safest bet to maintain your anonymity is to choose hosted blogging software that doesn’t require you to have a domain, web .

How to Start a Blog (with Example Blog Post) - wikiHow