Kazakhstan travel writing adventure story

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Kazakhstan travel writing adventure story

Story of my travels to Kazakhstan to learn about the nomadic Kazakh way of life. Advertisements Just recently, I travelled over two hours to take a close friend of mine to the airport, and we both live at opposite ends of Melbourne.

Despite spending only five days there, I learned how the old nomadic routes and traditions maintain an important role in modern life over there. Kazakhstan has long been Kazakhstan travel writing adventure story country I have been fond of. That huge patch of land which forms the ninth largest country in the world and largest landlocked still is somewhat of an enigma and a huge grey spot for many travelers.

I have always been interested in visiting the ancient Silk Road region, particularly of Central Asia. Endless desert, steppes and mountains and blue tiled cities sprawling out of the ground like an oasis, there is no place quite like it on earth. As I was looking for a cheap route to Istanbul, I noticed the best and cheapest way included a transit in Almaty, the southern capital of Kazakhstan and I thought it was finally my chance to visit.

Not content with a brief transit stop in Almaty, I decided to see a little bit more of the country to get a basic understanding of it.

So what was supposed to be a one hour stopover turned into five days! I booked with Air Astana to Almaty and instead headed for Shymkent, the third largest city in Kazakhstan.

The plan was to start from Shymkent and make my way back to Almaty to then continue onwards to Istanbul.

Kazakhstan travel writing adventure story

The majestic Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi: The mausoleum was coincidentally my first stop. I had arranged two drivers for my time in Kazakhstan through Indy Guide, a fantastic travel company specializing in Central Asia and Mongolia.

Indy guide provides a great platform for Central Asian tour guides from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the likes to interact with tourists who have a keen interest in the old Silk Road and Central Asian cultures, providing a real and authentic feel for my trip.

My first guide was a man called Islam, who I met at the crack of dawn at my hotel to take me to the famous mausoleum.

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He was a very engaging and friendly man who was also a very experienced travel guide with great English skills, so we spent a lot of time conversing over our lives and our countries, turns out I was one of few Aussie to travel with him and for his sake I hope he gets more as he deserves it!

Khoja Akhmet Yassawi is something of a legend to the local Kazakhs, in fact it is said that three lifetime visits to his mausoleum can be made as an alternative to a pilgrimage to Mecca, so it seemed very appropriate to go and experience a sacred site to the local people and get a feel for it myself.

The mausoleum had a tranquil environment and an elaborate garden all within the mud brick city walls. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the local town and the huge highway that runs from Shymkent to Aralsk, some kilometres and a 9 hours drive away!

I had already learnt about the spirituality as well as the generosity that the Kazakhs seem to possess. Despite ever changing attitudes and cultures in western societies, many Kazakhs try to remain true to theirs. My new favorite hat: A Tubeteika Scull Cap After time was spent site seeing around Shymkent, which is as much a modern town as a Central Asian style bazaar town, I met with my next driver Dildabek, who was taking me to Taraz.

He was a very fascinating man who was a local Kazakh from Shymkent, and we spent the trip discussing various different aspects about our respective cultures. He is a very traditional Kazakh who explained that a simple two hour trip like the one I made to the airport is nothing to a Kazakh host as historically, their nomadic ancestors travelled via horseback, and in some cases may have had to travel for a week between cities.

Tengrism is a shamanistic religion practised by the Turkic people of Central Asia, as well as in Tatarstan and Mongolia, with emphasis on ancestor worship and spirits.

Kazakhstan travel writing adventure story

Tengrism also recognises other gods including Yer-sub, the goddess of the earth, and Erlik, the god of the underworld and nature spirits. It is also believed that in Tengrism that there is a belief in a supreme god, which in this case is Tengri, but there is no one true religion and there are many paths to a higher being.

Karakhan met Aisha when he undertook a political mission to Samarkand. The pair spent a lot of time together until Karakhan was called back to Taraz to protect the city from invaders. Unfortunately, the father dismissed the proposal and Karakhan returned to Taraz without her.

Aisha then informed her father about the engagement and left for Taraz with the support of her mother. Babadzha Khatun reached Taraz to inform Karakhan of her arrival and when they returned to Aisha, Karakhan ordered the clergymen to marry them on the spot with his companions as witnesses.

After they were married, Aisha passed away and Karakhan vowed never to marry again. The site has become associated with love and faithfulness to the locals and is a popular spot for weddings.

Many Kazakh women still come to the site to pray for children and a happy family.Mar 27,  · Travel To Kazakhstan | Full History And Documentary About Kazakhstan In Urdu & Hindi | قازقستان کی سیر Video URL: urbanagricultureinitiative.com #####.

Why Kazakhstan Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination.

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Share Pin Email Search go When it comes to the untapped potential for adventure travel. Backpacking Kazakhstan: A Round-up Of 10 Days Travel We spent 10 days backpacking through Kazakhstan and had a great time. We spent most of our time in . It will be many travellers' first port of call on their Central Asian adventure, link and start writing!


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