Lady gaga songwriting analysis of data

To begin our study, here is a basic formal analysis of the song:

Lady gaga songwriting analysis of data

Some people are saying the title is a little misleading, so I guess I should say its a brief analysis. Here is a write up of the original post: You could be making music right now. Why waste your time reading this? The simple answer is because every great piece of music is a masterclass in music composition.

Analyzing a good piece of music as opposed to learning the theory of music is applied learning. And my first analysis is going to involve me listening to Bad Romance several dozen times. Oh, the thins one does for art.

lady gaga songwriting analysis of data

Well, for one thing, Bad Romance IS technically dance music: Wikipedia classifies it under dance-pop, synthpop, and house. For another, the principles of music are, for the most part, the same, regardless of genre. As it turns out, catchiness and tightness are actually to a large degree just two sides of the same coin.

And, in my opinion, Lady Gaga is a true master at walking the delicate tightrope between catchiness and interesting-ness. That, and Bad Romance is probably one of the most iconic dance-pop songs of the last few years.

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To start with, take a good, proper listen to the song in question: You can follow along by listening to the song or by looking at the above diagram, or preferably both. Just ignore it for the purposes of this discussion. To all intents and purposes, this section is just a 4-bar loop repeated twice with the only really major difference between the two repetitions being the pad change on bar 8.

This section of the piece also builds up towards But see what Gaga did there: This is a Very Good Thing, since it allows her to snare us with her hook a second time, thereby making the theme catchier.

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This will become a recurring theme throughout the song. The static instrumentation is really important, since it ties these 8 bars into the previous 4. Why is this good? Plus, the repetition of the melody anchors it in our minds a little more, enhancing its catchiness.

Arguably, the two really important themes until this point are the Rah Rah theme and the verse melody; both of these have been played twice. This is just right: Gaga has emphasized the important stuff while introducing quite a few themes and avoiding boredom like the plague.

The instrumentation is simple here as well: This way, she ties the chorus into the existing material in the piece.

lady gaga songwriting analysis of data

What madness is this? This, in my opinion, is one of the really cool and clever parts of the song.

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By using a part of the chorus as the intro, Lady Gaga surreptitiously sneaked in an extra repetition of this melody into the piece. What are the benefits of this melodic sneaking-in? Gaga tied the intro into the main body of the song, instead of having it being a loose end. Secondly and probably more importantly in this context, catchiness: The most obvious difference between this melodic statement and the one at bars is the Hoover synth.

Which was, incidentally, already used during the first verse, in bars Are you starting to get a feel for how Lady Gaga interweaves the various elements of her song together to form a coherent whole? Nothing fancy, but this way Lady Gaga snares the listener with this particular hook a couple more times.

This time, it sounds like bars with the subtle addition of the synth buildup. Despite this, right about now is where the song is possibly beginning to sound a little bit stale.[Lady Gaga] Yes, absolutely.

I mean I don't write records and then decide what the video will look like. I instantaneously write things at the same time so it's a complete vision, the song and the visual, the way that I would perform it on the stage. A lot of that seemed to be 'this section is the same as the section before but with this one little thing changed'.

Then again, guess that's what you get with a Lady Gaga song. All of the scene-setting of The Fame was to prime the world for Lady Gaga’s best and (as time will surely show us) most enduring pop single: “Bad Romance.” “Bad Romance” is Gaga’s.

Lady Gaga (A) Case Solution,Lady Gaga (A) Case Analysis, Lady Gaga (A) Case Study Solution, INTRODUCTION Background of the study The case study discusses the dilemma faced by Troy Carter, manager of a nascent pop star Lady Gaga.

Data published in by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) indicated that around Lady Gaga was named the artist of the year in by Billboard4, There she studied music and improved her songwriting skills by composing essays and analytical papers focusing on topics such as art, religion, social issues.

Interview with Lady Gaga in , about her songwriting, her first album, and how she got started.

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