My long awaited journey back home to india

Meeting Sofia - August Where has the time gone?? I'm trying to catch up on all that's happened in the last few months. It's truly miraculous and how blessed am I that I get to be a small chapter in this story?

My long awaited journey back home to india

Just Getting There The trip began so unexpectedly I recall being mildly interested in a large envelope with a Woodstock School return address that I had just received in the mail. In the envelope was a pamphlet advertizing the school's plan to celebrate a th anniversary.

Suddenly, as I stood at the backyard patio doorway looking out but not really seeing, everything fell into place. I turned to my wife, Lorene, who was standing close by and I quietly said to her, "We're going home to India.

That word had swirled around at the edges of my conscious mind ever since I permanently left the country in early December, ; keeping me eternally restless. The land of my birth and my childhood and adolescent years. The place where friends, both "foreign" and native, were made and lost through time and circumstance.

Site of a lifelong commitment made by two dedicated and loving parents who worked tirelessly with tribal people in the Bombay Presidency now south Gujarat State to improve their standard of living and preach a gospel of love and salvation. The location of a school named Woodstock that had made indelible marks on my psyche and prepared me well for my travels along the road of life.

The home of many people who were always remembered as being kind and generous to a fault, yet girded with a determination to make their fledgling country a success. The decision to return to India, once made, quickly brought into sharp focus a number of concerns, problems, and questions never before considered.

Would simply attending the planned Woodstock two-day Celebration be fulfilling enough or should there be more to our trip? If a Woodstock sponsored pre-celebration activity were added, was there a need for any further travels in India? If so, what further travels?

How do I pIan a trip that gives a wife and soul mate of 44 years a reasonable opportunity to experience both the India I knew and the India of today? After all, she had heard endless stories about India through conversations with me, my parents, younger brother, Dean, and "old India missionaries.

How does anyone plan a trip when you have no idea whether or not you can even go?

My long awaited journey back home to india

Do we incur advance costs that may or may not be refundable in the future so that some firm outline of the trip can begin to be created? And, most importantly, what would it take for me to stop being so restless?

My heart is for India: A long awaited UPDATE!

All I wanted to do was just pack my bags and go to India. Why were there now so many forks in the pathway?

A long awaited UPDATE! I have really been so bad about blogging sister's journey. We are plugging along but the home study update took so long, which led . As the Beatles said, “she’s got a ticket to ride” and so the long awaited journey begins to India, visiting wintery Madrid on the way, a delicious little stop to see a dear friend and catch up proper. My long awaited visit to India April 9, Eva Power After a long time in the pipeline I finally got back out to India in February this year to visit the various production and tailoring units we work with.

Ultimately, we decided that the India trip deserved more than just a two or three-day sojourn, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that more than one year later we would have the time and opportunity to travel. We would begin our participation in the celebration with the WOSA India banquet in Delhi, join the "Explore Mussoorie" activity group, and then be at Woodstock School for all of the sesquicentennial events.

With that in mind, the reservation form provided in the pamphlet was carefully completed and posted to the Woodstock School Alumni Office by registered airmail to ensure its delivery in due course.


Now all that remained was to sit back and wait. How wrong could I be? Slowly, that word India began to resurface in my consciousness as I went about my day-to-day teaching and leisure activities. Had I not finally done what was needed to permanently file that word away?

Clearly, the answer was no. Yes, Woodstock was now covered but what about the many sights and sounds of India that were about to be ignored? Didn't a trip to India justify showing my wife the Taj Mahal, touring Mogul forts, walking through native bazaars, traveling to new sites, and riding my beloved trains?

Ever so slowly, as I thought about our original trip plans, it became clear there would have to be other things added. Our trip was now turning into something as agreeable as a pilgrimage.

My long awaited journey back home to india

All that remained to be done now was put together an itinerary that matched my expectations and needs since my wife, understanding for many years what India meant to me, had said, "This is your trip. And so with a sense of anticipation, a series of itineraries were created.A long awaited UPDATE!

I have really been so bad about blogging sister's journey. We are plugging along but the home study update took so long, which led to delays with the i supplement and then the i Apr 21,  · Grand Plaza Munnar: My long awaited trip to Munnar - See 1, traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals .

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We are plugging along but the home study update took so long, which led to delays with the i supplement and then the i We actually forgot to sign one of the forms.

God closed doors, back to India 4/8/15; Switched to China Program 12/8/14;.

My heart is for India