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In fact, the most common use of technology during writing instruction was students typing their final papers. However, in the instances when teachers did use technology during writing instruction, the writing process became accessible for students and they became more fully engaged. Additional research supports the critical need for technology to be effectively integrated into the writing classroom. Even young adults have strong opinions of the writing instruction they need to be effective writers.

Notebook online writers

The Poetry Project Book: A Marriage of Heart and Mind Cynthia Marie Hoffman July Though poetry project books have a long history, they currently enjoy unprecedented popularity in the MFA thesis classroom and on the publication circuit.

But what makes a book of poetry a project book? Friend and fellow poet Nick Lantz and I began an online interview site to talk to authors about their own definitions of project books and to explore multiple perspectives on this phenomenon.

Nick and I are both authors of project books ourselves, so the topic is close to our hearts in more ways than one.

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But we wanted to look beyond ourselves toward contemporary poetry as a whole and to think about what the proliferation of project books signifies for our genre.

A poetry project book is easily identified by its often strikingly singular focus or its relentless adherence to a formal constraint. They are memoirs and constructed realities. Letters to an imagined editor. Letters to an imagined Empire. And why are poetry project books more popular or, at least more common than ever?

And in turn, the form of the project book continually asserts pressure to obsess. Obsession tends to align itself with the muse, with inevitability, with a power greater than ourselves. She writes the book because she has given herself an assignment to do so and then followed that commitment, come hell or high water, through to the end.

In this sense, at their worst, the idea of writing a project book can seem a dry contrivance, without heart. If there is anything polarizing about poetry project books, it is this. The criticism, which I have experienced as a sort of grumbling from readers, poets, teachers, and editors seems to be a criticism of too much governance of the intellectual or deliberate part of our creative minds.

I think some of us still cling to the notion that poetry comes not from intentionality but from inspiration, from the muse. A project book author, by contrast, is not spilling her soul on the page but rather playing an intellectual game. Oliver de la Paz, author of the collection of prose poems Post Subject: And while, at times, it did feel like the prose poems were being hewn, rather than bursting forth, there was a romance in the discovery of new possibilities.


Project books, more than collections of poems with no common theme or governing formal constraint, announce their premeditated constructions outright.

But, does this perception that the mind rules over emotion ring true? What we really mean when we identify poetry as having come from the soul or the muse is that there is evident in the poem a sense of urgency. The poet must have something to say.

Otherwise, why write a poem?A Notebook is always seen as a long term investment in terms of entertainment and office use. They are ideally preferred over desktops when mobility and aesthetics are concerned. You can easily carry a notebook with you wherever you go as you can use the portability it offers to your convenience.

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notebook online writers

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