People vs gelaver digest

Lynch, Attorney General, Robert R. Granucci and William D.

People vs gelaver digest

People vs gelaver digest

The conviction of the appellant is affirmed. As to the second issue, the appellant argues that the circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution is insufficient to warrant a conviction of his guilt. However, the Court ruled otherwise. The Court recalled the Rule on Evidence and settled jurisprudence.

Absence of direct proof does not absolve the appellant because conviction may be had with the concurrence of the following requisites as stated in the Rules of Court: The Court recalled the ruling in People v.

De Guia, SCRAall circumstances must be consistent with each other, consistent with the hypothesis that the accused is guilty, and at the same time inconsistent with the hypothesis that he is innocent and with every other rational hypothesis except that of guilt.

And also in People v. Abitona, SCRAthat facts and circumstances consistent with guilt and inconsistent with innocence, constitute evidence which, in weight and probative force, may surpass even direct evidence in its effect upon the court.

The Court also updated the Miranda rights with the developments in law that provided the rights of suspects under custodial investigation in detail. A person under custodial investigation should be informed: In a language known to and understood by him of the reason for the arrest and he must be shown the warrant of arrest, if any; Every other warnings, information or communication must be in a language known to and understood by said person; 2.

That he has a right to remain silent and that any statement he makes may be used as evidence against him; 3.

That he has the right to be assisted at all times and have the presence of an independent and competent lawyer, preferably of his own choice; 4. That if he has no lawyer or cannot afford the services of a lawyer, one will be provided for him; and that a lawyer may also be engaged by any person in his behalf, or may be appointed by the court upon petition of the person arrested or one acting in his behalf; 5.

That no custodial investigation in any form shall be conducted except in the presence of his counsel or after a valid waiver has been made; 6. It shall be the responsibility of the officer to ensure that this is accomplished; 7. That he has the right to waive any of said rights provided it is made voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently and ensure that he understood the same; 8.

That the waiver must be done in writing AND in the presence of counsel, otherwise, he must be warned that the waiver is void even if he insist on his waiver and chooses to speak; 9. That he may indicate in any manner at any time or stage of the process that he does not wish to be questioned with warning that once he makes such indication, the police may not interrogate him if the same had not yet commenced, or the interrogation must ceased if it has already begun; That his initial waiver of his right to remain silent, the right to counsel or any of his rights does not bar him from invoking it at any time during the process, regardless of whether he may have answered some questions or volunteered some statements; That any statement or evidence, as the case may be, obtained in violation of any of the foregoing, whether inculpatory or exculpatory, in whole or in part, shall be inadmissible in evidence.People v Gelaver.

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Reanzares. Dimensions of Economic Crimes in India_ Pm. Uploaded by. Natasha Sharma. Robert J. . The People also rely on People v. Souza, supra, 9 Cal.4th In Souza, police in a high crime area noticed the defendant standing in the dark late at night talking to someone in a parked car.


Oct 07,  · People vs. Jabinal 55 SCRA 27 February Antonio J. Facts: The instant case was an appeal form the judgment of the Municipal Court of Batangas finding the accused guilty of the crime of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

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People vs gelaver digest

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Uploaded by. Arief Mamao. People v. Madali. Uploaded by. Gabe Ruaro. People v de Gracia. Uploaded by. Katrina Budlong. People v. Gelaver (G.R. No. June 9, ) Facts: Eduardo Gelaver was charged with Parricide, killing his lawfully wedded wife, Victoria Pacinabao.

The prosecution presented Randy Mamon, who testified that at a.m. of March 24, , he heard shouts coming from the house of Tessie Lampedario in Barangay Poblacion, Municipality of Sto.