The comming anarchy

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The comming anarchy

And see this post: Photographic and Video Evidence of Planet X A large, bright celestial object is visible on the northeast horizon in this photograph taken at sunset by a webcam in Durango, Mexico, on Aug. The sun was setting in the west when this photo was taken, so that's not our sun in the photo.

The comming anarchy had to stop updating my blog for my own personal safety. The death threats and harassment I experience have dramatically increased lately, which makes me think we're getting close to the main event. For more information, search for Nibiru updates or Planet X updates.

And don't forget to read the comments underneath the videos. They're loaded with references to other YouTube channels that provide more evidence of Nibiru's presence in the solar system.

Also try the Pole Shift Ning. Most of these groups are heavily infiltrated by trolls, but you can still find some useful information there if you wade through all the junk. There are lots of photographs click on them to see an enlarged version and videos on this blog that show various celestial objects in the sky right now.

That leads me to believe Planet X might arrive as soon as November of this year. A catastrophic event such as an asteroid strike, meteor storm, volcano eruption, earthquake or dam failure could happen at any time. Obviously I can't guarantee Planet X will arrive in November.

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I don't know exactly when Planet X will get here, but I think we should all be prepared for the possibility that it will arrive soon. As a consequence of The Destroyer's impact, we'll experience increasingly severe earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential downpours, catastrophic flooding, severe drought, sinkholes, tsunamis and lots more, and we'll be bombarded by intense solar flares, asteroids and other forms of cosmic debris that will make it extremely difficult to survive.

See this youtube channel for a series of videos that document the catastrophic Earth changes going on all over the world: During the 20th century, there were about 35 volcano eruptions in a typical year, and now there are more than 35 eruptions every single day.

There's also a good possibility that the north and south poles will shift locations, which has happened many, many times throughout history.

The comming anarchy

In fact, Freemasons and other secret societies have known about this for centuries. They've been hiding the truth from us so the elite can secretly make their plans to survive the cataclysm.

Many of the events depicted in "" are really going to happen -- probably in or at the latest. There's no such thing as Planet X. The psychological effect produced by the movie bought the elite some more time to make their preparations without society completely falling apart into panic mode.

The comming anarchy

At right is a picture of the second sun rising, taken at 7 a. This light is generated every single day before sunrise by the second sun."The Second Coming" is a poem written by Irish poet W.

B. Yeats in , first printed in The Dial in November , and afterwards included in his collection .

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