The egyptian cinderella writing activity

Comprehension Skillsdouble-entry journalsgraphic organizersPicture WalkVocabulary Reading a story is all well and good, however I have found that to broaden the horizons of my children and students I need to make the book come alive, mean more than just the words that they read, show them that literature has a basis in their every day lives. Anticipation Guides Providing students with an assessment that is both pre and post reading is ideal. Anticipation guides allow students to think about what they know about the topic of study and then afterwards review their knowledge and see if they were correct.

The egyptian cinderella writing activity

I know the standards can be overwhelming at times, BUT The reason I really like the standard is because I love Cinderella. And, that's as traditional of a story as you can get. They aren't pretty, but whose are? Ok, some of you probably have beautiful anchor charts To begin our lesson we read a very traditional version of Cinderella written by Charles Perrault.

As a class we filled out a story-map like graphic organizer the students created their own and did it with me in their response journals.

The was the "I Do" part of our lesson. We talked about characters, plot to review summarizingand theme. This really hits on RL 4. As a "We Do" activity, we again fill out our story map.

This time I had the kids help me fill out the graphic organizer. They again created their own in their response journals. This again helped us review RL 4.

So, they need a firm grasp on summarizing and theme before this can occur. Here is the anchor chart I created.

Wicked Similarities and Differences in Cinderella

Again, I know it's not completely pretty, but it's what it is since I try to write quickly for the lesson. The next step was for us to look at the stories side-by-side. I find that this works the best by using another graphic organizer.

My big thing is teaching my students how to create their own organizers.

Comparing Literary Elements of Fiction Texts - SAS The 30 episode series, Cinderella, which Salamoni is about to finish writing, depicts the personal and artistic life of the late artist from her birth until death.
Comparing Literary Elements of Fiction Texts Finally I finished this book It was delightful I liked it so much and of course I liked the narretor. I laughed alot and definitely it is not going to be tha last book I read for Robin Palmer.
KS2History: Egyptian Cinderella Literacy Planning This is a place for me to share my thoughts about children's literature with YOU!

Handing them out to just fill in doesn't give them ownership on the process. When they draw them themselves, it's my hope drawing them becomes muscle memory.

Here's the organizer we created to compare and contrast the two stories using a mix of "I Do" and "We Do": My students did a really great job picking out details from the text. The key is to show them that they have to mention BOTH stories.

Students tend to want to say things like, "They are different because Yeh-Shen had a fish for a fairy godmother". Instead, I want to visually show them they need to say, "The stories are different because Cinderella had a fairy godmother who granted her wishes, while Yeh-Shen had a pile of fish bones she used to ask wishes".

We used this graphic organizer to write an open-ended compare and contrast paragraph, similar to what they may need to do on a standardized test.

Background and introduction

However, I do think my students are really getting a handle on the skills. As an extension for the lesson I also split the kids into group by their reading level. I passed out other versions of Cinderella for them to read together.

Here are a list of other Cinderella stories and their levels: I then collected them to use as an exit slip and gauge student progress toward understanding the standard. We have a poster maker at my school, which makes printing out large anchor charts so easy. Here are the images of the file: Click the images to directly download the PDF Some other things you may find helpful if you too are teaching this standard: Compare and contrast terms - click here for a free list of compare and contrast words to display for your students.

This really helps them create their responses!A Rome Activity - Create your own Gladiator Bring ancient Rome into your classroom with this activity where students design their lesson plansegyptian cinderella activitiesegyptian cinderella talk for writing egyptian cinderella pdfrhodopis - wikipediacinderella teaching resources | teachers pay teachersassepoester -.

To edit my writing. Lesson plans and resources for a literacy unit of work based on the book 'Egyptian Cinderella'.

This planning can link to the KS2 topic Ancient Egypt. School Invoice Service. Ks2History. Download Planning Packs. Lesson plans and resources for primary teachers.

the egyptian cinderella writing activity

Lesson three Starter activity. Why are there so many versions of the same story?

the egyptian cinderella writing activity

Ask children to search online for picture books based on the story of Cendrillon. Teacher notes: Korean Cinderella, Egyptian Cinderella, Cinderella: A Princess of the Moors, Chinese Cinderella, Cendrillon: a Caribbean Cinderella and the Brothers Grimm Germanic Cinderella.

In this culture instructional activity, students read Climo's "The Egyptian Cinderella," and compare it to the Cinderella story they are familiar with.

Young scholars then rewrite a Get Free Access See Review. Mar 30,  · I recenlty finished reading The Egyptian Cinderella, which is Egypt's version of Cinderella, and Yeh-Shen, I would love to use I-Poems in my future classroom to do any kind of compare and contrast activity.I think they are extremely beneficial and creative!

I would love to know more about the process of writing the I poem for. Ella Enchanted was her first children's book published and it received the Newbery Honor in She began writing the book in a writing class, but she could not think of a good plot.

She began writing the book in a writing class, but she could not think of a good plot.

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