Write as the product of two factorise x2+3x-40

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Write as the product of two factorise x2+3x-40

Algebraic techniques help us to understand many things in the everyday world. What we learn in mathematics can be applied to many other subjects; for example, physics is often described as using mathematics as a tool for studying the world around us. The concepts studied in quadratic algebra can be applied to solving quadratic equations.

Many physical phenomena can be described using quadratic equations, and in this chapter you will learn the techniques necessary to solve quadratic equations.

What do you know? Use a thinking tool such as a concept map to show your list. Planetary orbits Searchlight Id: The rule can be used in reverse to factorise the difference of two squares: WrITe a x Rewrite, showing the two squares. The expansion of perfect squares produces the following patterns or identities.

The constant term must be the square of half the coefficient of the x-term if the expression is a perfect square. Don t expand the expression. Explain using a numerical example. Factorising monic quadratics The area model of binomial expansion can be reversed to find a pattern for factorising a general quadratic expression.

write as the product of two factorise x2+3x-40

Calculate the sums of factor pairs of 6. The factors of 6 that add to 5 are 2 and 3, as shown in blue. Calculate the sums of factor pairs of The factors of 24 that add to 10 are 4 and 6, as shown in blue. As shown in blue, 3 and 6 are factors of 18 that add to 9.

As shown in blue, 2 and 8 are factors of 16 that add to 6. Factorise the expression for each of these values. Determine algebraic expressions for the length and the width of the rectangle in terms of x. To factorise a general quadratic where a 1, look for factors of ac that sum to b.

Then rewrite the quadratic trinomial with four terms that can then be grouped and factorised. As shown in blue, 4 and 15 are factors of 60 that add to Rewrite the quadratic expression: Discuss which method is simpler to perform.

Check your answer by expanding. Give both possible answers.

write as the product of two factorise x2+3x-40

Check this against your answer to part a. Just as fractions can be simplified by cancelling common factors, so too can algebraic fractions.

A fraction can only be simplified if the numerator and denominator are both products.

A factor can be cancelled if it is a factor of the whole of the numerator and the whole of the denominator. A fraction such as x 1 cannot be simplified any further. It may be tempting to x 3 cancel the x in the numerator and denominator, but x is neither a factor of x 1 nor x 3so it cannot be cancelled.

Illustrate your answer with an example. Problem SOlving 9 Simplify the following fractions. The dimensions given are in metres. WOrKed example 11 Rearrange the following quadratic equations so that they are in general form and state the values of a, b and c.

Some quadratic equations have two solutions, some have only one solution, and some have no solutions. The aim is to make x the subject.

There are two square roots of 9. The equation has no solution. Zero has only one square root.Math factors are useful in a variety of applications. For example, finding the prime factorization of two integers allows us to find the lowest common multiple of those numbers, which we can use for things like finding a common denominator so we can compare fractions.

Jun 18,  · Factor the equation 3x² +5x-2 by breaking down the 5x term into the sum of two terms, ax and bx. You choose a and b so that they add up to 5 and when multiplied together give the same product as the product of the coefficients of the first and last term of the equation 3x² +5xStatus: Resolved.

1 Factorisation of Binomials, Trinomials, Sum & Difference of Two Cubics Revision Algebra II Factorisation of Binomials, Trinomials, Sum & Difference of Two Cubics By I Porter 2 Factors A factor of a term or number divides into that term or number, without a remainder.

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Please try again later. You can write any composite number as a product of prime factors. This is called prime factorization. To find the prime factors of a number, you divide the number by the smallest possible prime number and work up the list of prime numbers until the result is itself a prime number.

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